Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone! Anyone interested in finding the balance between our environmental and socio-economic needs! The tool is for the public, but also tailored to teachers and students in grades 4-12. (Registered teachers can find lesson plans and learning tools for specific grades/topics at:

Yes! You can earn points, go for high scores, complete quests and challenges!

Nothing! The tool is free for you to use! Just create an account and start exploring your area.

No! anyone with an interest and an internet connection can register and create a user account!

A lot! You can learn about:

  • The fine balance between our land uses, the environment and economy
  • How our landscape has changed in the past and might change in the future
  • Some of the changes needed to help create a sustainable future for your area
  • How different climate change scenarios might affect our future environment and economy
  • What are some of the beneficial management practices and what we need to consider to find the balance between the environment and economy
  • What is climate change and how is it affecting Alberta (see above)
  • How our glaciers, one of the major sources of drinking water, are being affected by climate change
  • And much much more!

No. When someone creates a scenario, they are running a computer simulation of things that might happen. The scenarios can never be exactly right, but they are useful to look at possible futures. The more scenarios that are run, the better we can understand how making changes today could help us with our future goals.

Go to From here you can follow the prompts. Directions are also available through this video or this pdf document.

Once a teacher registers for a Teacher Account, the lesson plans are found in the teacher dashboard here:

Check to make sure older computers support the software. Open and paste the link into your browser - A spinning cube will appear if it works.

The simulator is complex; it may not work as well on older computers. Make sure you are using the most updated version of your browser. If you are using Chrome, ensure you go into your settings - advanced - and enable "use hardware acceleration when available". If you are a teacher and your students are going to be investigating a specific watershed, you can pre-run the simulation on your computer as the very first time a simulation is run for a specific study area it may take a few extra seconds.

You can create reports using the tool on the left hand side of the simulation. From there, you can share your report by email, facebook or twitter.

No, you don't have access to your students' reports, but they can share them with you via email through the sharing button. In the teacher dashboard you do have access to their observations, and can delete inaccurate or duplicate observations as well as moving students between teachers.

Yes, you do. Most students have school email addresses now. By tracking registered users we are able to collect stats that help us get more funding. For more information, read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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